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Search and Analyze Your Amazon Customer Feedback

Amazon Product Reviews

Customer feedback – through both Product Reviews and Seller Ratings – provides insights to help eCommerce sellers understand their products’ strengths and weaknesses, inspire new products, and improve their shopper experience.  Customers’ 5-star ratings and written reviews will influence sales on the Amazon marketplace.  Products with 4-star or better ratings outperform products with less than 4 stars, and items with a higher absolute number of reviews will also generate more sales. Amazon’s artificial intelligence amplifies these dynamics because Amazon’s organic search algorithm rewards items with higher sales, and the Buy Box algorithm favors products with stronger reviews and better seller ratings.

With HINGE Axis, Amazon sellers and vendors can easily analyze their shopper feedback.  Every product review and seller rating for all items in the catalog are captured in the system.  Users can search their product reviews by ASIN, product description, brand, or even keyword.  A TreeMap provides a quick way to see the most prevalent words used for both favorable and neutral-negative comments.

Shopper review requests can be automated on HINGE Axis as well, significantly accelerating the collection of customer feedback.  Be sure to set up your Customer Review Request autopilot as soon as possible.

Reach out to the HINGE Axis support team if you have any questions:  support@hingeaxis.com