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HINGE Axis is a state-of-the-art SaaS platform that enables brands to efficiently manage all of their ecommerce needs in one place — with ease, speed, and focus.

upcoming webinar:
HINGE axis Live Demo

April 8th, 2021 @ 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm EST

This webinar will demo the new HINGE Axis software. HINGE Axis is an integrated platform that enables sellers, brands, manufacturers, and distributors to manage all aspects of their eCommerce activities from one command center.

Our Features & Functionality

data & reporting

Hinge Axis gives you the power to manage your Amazon Marketplace from a single comprehensive management dashboard.


On Demand

get better data, faster

real time

monitor performance


customize your reporting schedule


make better decisions


brand share tracking

benchmark to competition

third-party seller reports

Monitor 3P Sellers & MAP Compliance

Profit Analysis Report


maximize your margins

Listing Quality Audit Icon

listing quality audit

automated scorecard of listing quality

foundational insights: Real Time Dashboards

Monitor Performance in Real Time

Hinge Axis delivers all of your up-to-date Amazon data straight to your fingertips with direct access to reports.

foundational insights: marketplace reports

Get Better Data Faster

The Hinge Axis Marketplace Reports are easy to access from a single dashboard.  We offer Scheduled Reports, which follow a standard reporting schedule.  We also offer On Demand Reports, where you can customize your own reporting schedule (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly).

Marketplace Reports

foundational insights: performance snapshots

Make Better Decisions

We consolidate your Amazon sales, orders, inventory, advertising, and traffic data into weekly snapshots.  These snapshots give you the insights you need to take immediate action and improve your business performance.

custom insights: brand share tracking

Benchmark Your Competition

Sales on Amazon are rising, but the competition is fierce and there are new product entrants every week. To win in this highly competitive arena, you need to keep tabs on your competitors and track new players.

custom insights: third party sellers

Monitor Your Third Party Sellers

Do you struggle with unauthorized sellers or have issues tracking MAP compliance on Amazon?  Our automated Third Party Seller reporting can help you identify unauthorized 3P sellers, track their contact information (where possible), and track MAP violations.

custom insights: listing quality audit

Automated Scorecard of Your Listing Quality

Do you want to objectively assess which of your Amazon product detail pages need copywriting improvements, graphic design or enhanced A+ content? Have your listings been corrupted and you want to quickly flag which ones have been changed?  Our Automated Listing Quality Audit can track all of the elements from your Product Pages, and show you which listings have the greatest opportunity for optimization.

Listing Quality Audit
Profit Analysis Report

custom insights: profit analyzer

Maximize Your Profits

The Hinge Axis Profit Analyzer is designed to take the guesswork out of measuring your Amazon overall profitability. It will also help you rank all of your SKUs based on their  individual margins.

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