HINGE Axis Setup for Amazon Seller Central Stores

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HINGE Axis Setup for Amazon Seller Central Companies

This is a simple registration process that takes less than five minutes to get you up and running. Once complete, you will see all your key business results integrated into an easy-to-use platform.


Need help getting registered? Book a quick meeting here – it only takes 15 minutes.


STEPS TO BEGIN: (Estimated time to complete is 4-5 minutes).

NOTE: If you already have an account and have chosen your Amazon store, you can skip to Step 6.


  1. Go to https://app.hingeaxis.com/site/register


  1. Select your desired plan (the FREE Advanced Reporting plan is in the first column).


  1. Complete the business information form. The Company Name here will be how your account will display in the platform.


  1. Enter a credit card. This is in the event you ever want to utilize additional services within the platform. The Advanced Reporting features on Axis are at no cost. There will not be any charges to the card for the base account.


  1. Choose Your Amazon Store. You can choose to connect your Amazon US or CA Seller Account.


  1. Connect Your Amazon Seller Account
    1. Within the HINGE Axis app, to open Amazon Seller Central, click [GET CREDENTIALS]
    2. Log in to your account. NOTE: You must use the Admin account on Seller Central.
    3. Accept the Developer credentials by pressing [OK] (These are pre-populated.)
    4. Check the authorization box and press [CONTINUE]
    5. Enter the Seller Name exactly as it appears on your account.
    6. Copy and Paste the Amazon Seller ID from the window into the registration page.
    7. Press [NEXT]


  1. Connect your Amazon Advertising account
    1. Within HINGE Axis app, click on [GET CREDENTIALS.]
    2. Authorize the connection.
    3. Copy and paste the Advertising Token into the HINGE Axis registration page.
    4. Press [NEXT]


  1. Add an Authorized User to your Seller Central account.
    1. Log in to sellercentral.amazon.com with an Admin user.
    2. Go to Settings –> User Permissions
    3. Click on [Add New User]
    4. Add a user with the name “Hinge Axis” and the email address “axisneo13@hingeaxis.com.
      • This will send an invitation to Hinge Axis. Once we accept the invitation, you can continue by adding permissions to this account.
    5. Grant “View/Edit” permission to this user account for all features, except Banking, Amazon Lending, and Business Insurance


After ~48 business hours, HINGE Axis will display your two-years of historical data and all your key fields.  You can log in to your account here. If you have questions or need assistance during the registration process, please contact Axis user registration at (833)-686-9990 or email us at support@hingeaxis.com at any time.