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We consolidate your Amazon sales, orders, inventory, advertising, and traffic data into weekly performance snapshots. These snapshots give you the insights you need to take immediate action and improve your business performance.  

On Demand, Custom, and Scheduled Reports

Hinge Axis delivers all of your up-to-date Amazon data straight to your fingertips with direct access to reports

Good data is critical for an efficient ecommerce business, enabling you to make informed decisions about your business. However, standard reporting on Amazon Seller Central is disjointed, lacks context, and many reports are only for a specific point-in-time.

Hinge Axis Weekly Performance Snapshots solve this problem by providing tracking reports that are:

  • Integrated: Enabling you to view your Total Business results, your Advertising Performance, your Inventory Health, and Subscribe & Save promotions all in one single Dashboard

  • Trended: So that you can see how your business is evolving by week, month, and year.

  • Granular: We break out results by brand, category, product attribute, and campaign so that you can see which parts of your business are doing better than others.

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