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HINGE GLOBAL’s Amazon Management Software Provides Two-Years of Historical Data

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HINGE GLOBAL’s Amazon Management Software Provides Two-Years of Historical Data

HINGE GLOBAL has encapsulated the company’s 150 collective years of eCommerce expertise into a breakthrough proprietary Amazon Seller Tool called Hinge Axis.  Hinge Axis streamlines all aspects of daily Amazon operations into an integrated eCommerce platform, saving time and resources, while also helping to optimize and grow sales.


  • Real-Time and Historical Business Performance Tracking:  Hinge Axis integrates over 200 different reports into one seamless Amazon Seller Central Dashboard. This data is pulled continuously throughout the day to provide real-time tracking.  Additionally, within 72 hours of registering, the Hinge Axis platform will pull and store 104 weeks of historical data. This historical data enables Sellers to track their sales, advertising, buy box, and pricing trends.

  • Streamlined Product Catalog Management: The Hinge Axis Amazon platform helps sellers manage their product details, such as copywriting, images, dimensions and weights, pricing, and child/parent relationships.  Information can be edited and published to Amazon with a single click.

  • Automated Listing Quality Audit:  Within 72 hours of registering, subscribers will also receive an automated listing quality audit of their entire Amazon Seller Central catalog. This listing audit will identify the opportunities to optimize copywriting, design, enhanced content, and inventory management.  HINGE GLOBAL provides free initial consulting on the health of the account to help prioritize the opportunities for optimization.

See a live demonstration of Hinge Axis, or reach out to learn more.