Hinge Axis – the only Amazon Management Software you need to run your business

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Hinge Axis – the only Amazon Management Software you need to run your business

HINGE Axis is a breakthrough eCommerce software that gives you the tools you need to efficiently run your Amazon business from a single command center:

  • Monitor your results in real-time

  • Control your product catalog

  • Streamline your operations

  • Accelerate your business

Here are a few of the most popular features of Hinge Axis: 

1. The Axis Dashboard helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your business! The Dashboard is one of the most popular features of Axis.  It shows your up-to-date Amazon results across dozens of metrics and provides trended historical information in easy-to-read graphs.  The data includes sales, in-stock rates, advertising performance, organic search performance, buy box, and return rates.  We integrate two years of historical data (where available) and maintain this historical database for you so you have instant access to the information for planning and forecasting purposes.


2. The Axis Orders Report shows all the orders in real-time, along with their status. This gives you a quick way to track which orders need to be processed.  Your warehouse staff or logistics partner can use this tool to help oversee your Amazon orders.  If you use Amazon FBA, you can keep an eye on the fulfillment for inbound orders. Future releases will allow you to process and ship orders, as well as cancel or refund orders. 


3. The Ticketing & Workflow Manager helps streamline eCommerce-related activities by providing a standardized workflow.  Many activities for e-commerce are time-sensitive and businesses can run the risk of an account suspension if issues are not resolved on time. The Ticketing Workflow Manager allows your team to create tickets for issues and assign these tickets to team members for follow-up or escalation. Tickets can be categorized for reporting purposes, and you can assign followers to tickets to keep tabs on ticket statuses and updates. Leverage the Ticket Manager to track how many tickets are being worked on by your team over time, and how much time is being spent in working on projects and solving issues.  The Ticketing and Workflow Manager helps you improve your organizational efficiency and streamline your operations, ensuring that issues are resolved in a timely manner. Future releases will include the ability to create automated workflows so that tickets can be routed from one department to another automatically, as well as recurring tickets and ticket lists that simplify processes that have multiple, recurring steps.