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Intuit QuickBooks + HINGE Axis Enable Scaling & Accelerated Growth for eCommerce Businesses

25% discount off bundle

HINGE GLOBAL has joined the Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider Program to provide eCommerce technology and service solutions, fueling growth for small and medium sellers on Amazon.com.  Subscribers to HINGE Axis and QuickBooks Online can take advantage of a 25% discount off the bundle of services.

HINGE GLOBAL is a dominant eCommerce technology and professional services company, with a track record of delivering 7x the sales growth versus the industry average. HINGE GLOBAL’s proprietary software, HINGE Axis, is an all-in-one Amazon management platform that provides automation and AI to power Amazon businesses.  The software provides seamless business analytics, leverages machine learning to generate optimization insights, and automates operational processes.  Together, HINGE Axis and QuickBooks Online offer solutions that double the productivity for eCommerce teams and optimize sales performance. HINGE Axis and Intuit QuickBooks Online are offering a 25% discount off the bundle of services, enabling Amazon sellers and vendors to work smarter, scale their operations, and accelerate their business growth.

HINGE Axis has three different plans to meet specific business needs:

  • Axis Analyze: This foundational plan automatically downloads and consolidates sales, traffic, inventory, and advertising performance metrics into easy-to-use dashboards, providing Amazon vendors and sellers with a comprehensive view of their business.
  • Axis Accelerate: This plan adds third-party seller monitoring and MAP compliance tracking, enabling subscribers to track competitive offerings and prices. Automated product-level profitability tracking is also available under this plan, allowing sellers to rank-order their items by margin, and prioritize advertising and promotion support.
  • Axis Amplify: This plan offers the full suite of self-service features, including product catalog management. Using Axis, changes to product detail pages, including pricing and copywriting, can be updated and published to Amazon with a single click.


Any of the HINGE Axis plans can be bundled with any QuickBooks Online plans. The bundle discount may result in over $2,000 in savings annually[i].

“The QuickBooks Online + HINGE Axis bundle will help enable Amazon sellers to automate and scale eCommerce operations, drive revenue growth, and provide transparent financial tracking.  HINGE GLOBAL’s recent phenomenal success during Amazon Prime Day speaks volumes about their technology and their expertise,” said Gavin Orleow, vice president of global partnerships, Intuit.

President of HINGE GLOBAL, Dean Seifert, commented,Our partnership with Intuit harnesses the power of technology to enable digital commerce businesses to scale and grow. Together, HINGE Axis plus QuickBooks Online create a powerful solution to streamline eCommerce operations, increase business transparency, and increase team output.


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[i] $2,037 annual savings for the HINGE Axis Maximize + QuickBooks Advanced Bundle.  Savings for other plan bundles can be found here: https://hingeaxis.com/axis-quickbooks-bundle/