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Automated Third-Party Seller Report

Track Amazon 3P Sellers

Monitor Your Third-Party Sellers

With HINGE Axis, you can now easily keep track of your competitive third-party sellers (3P sellers).  3P sellers are distributors or resellers who offer the same items as you, on the same marketplaces where your products are listed.  These third-party sellers may win the buy box over your items if they have better historical sales, sell at a lower price, offer faster shipping, and/or have higher seller ratings.  If your listings lose the buy box, this will have a negative impact on your sales.  As a result, it is important to monitor third-party sellers and ensure that your offerings stay competitive.

HINGE Axis automatically generates a third party seller report (3P seller report) to help you track your buy box performance, pricing, and seller ratings relative to your competition.  Additionally, our third-party seller report will monitor 3P sellers to ensure that they are complying with your Minimum Advertised Pricing policy (MAP).

To help you to monitor your competition, HINGE Axis automatically pulls third-party seller reports for your entire product catalog on Amazon.  This data is updated weekly.

  • You can easily filter the 3P seller reports based on whether you won or lost the buy box, whether you had higher or lower prices, the product name, ASIN, or even the seller name.
  • The measures tracked include the offer price, shipping price, whether the offering was Seller Fulfilled Prime, their offer ranking, seller ratings, and seller contact information (where available).
  • All of the data can be easily exported into Excel for additional analyses.

Once you are armed with the data, the expert Amazon consultants at HINGE GLOBAL can help you take to improve your seller ratings and win back the buy box.

The Third-Party Seller Reporting is available as a part of the HINGE Axis Essentials Plan.  Reach out to learn more at contact@hingeaxis.com.