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Amazon Prime Day 2022 is expected to happen in early to mid-July.  This is a critical event for Amazon sellers.  In 2021, the two-day event of Amazon Prime Day surpassed $11 Billion ($5.6B on day 1 of Prime Day, and $5.4B on day 2).  According to Adobe Analytics, this was 6.1% higher than 2020.  We expect Prime Day 2022 to continue these trends.

To help prepare for this big event, please tap the Amazon consulting services of HINGE GLOBAL. HINGE GLOBAL has a proven track record of driving blockbuster results for Vendors and Sellers.  During Prime Day 2021, HINGE GLOBAL’s clients exceeded the Amazon average performance by 5.5X (in fact, many experienced double-digit or even triple-digit growth vs. the previous Prime Day).  Accomplishing this requires very careful planning, eCommerce expertise, and flawless execution.  Read our case studies, and reach out to us to learn more.

Here are the key dates and guidelines you need to know about for both Amazon Vendors on US Amazon Vendor Central (1P), and Amazon Sellers on US Amazon Seller Central (3P).

Per Amazon:

“As we prepare for Prime Day, you’re invited to participate by offering high-quality lightning deals! In 2021, Prime members shopped more and saved more than any other Prime Day, purchasing more than 250 million items worldwide. This was largely due to our amazing selling partners who offered customers great deals on Prime-eligible products.  This year Amazon will supply a wide range of marketing, both onsite and offsite, for Prime Day that could drive customers and sales to your deals. To help you prepare, we’ve put together some guidelines.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Lightning Deal Guidelines

  • Deal submission opens March 22, 2022, and closes end of day, April 29, 2022.
  • The US inbound shipping cutoff is June 20, 2022 for vendors on Amazon Vendor Central.  (This is also the deadline for Prime Day FBA shipping for Amazon Sellers on US Seller Central)
  • For Amazon Vendor Central, expect to be charged a base merchandising fee for each lightning deal. Lightning deals that are selected to run during the Prime Day event will be charged a $500 fee per deal. Lightning deals that run during the week of Prime Day, but not on the actual event day will be charged a fee of $300 per deal. Lightning deal schedules are subject to change. The fee amount charged will be based on the day your lightning deal actually runs and not the day it was requested or initially scheduled. If your lightning deal does not go live at all, you won’t be charged.
  • For 1P Vendors, to allow Amazon to consider placing purchase orders at a lower product cost instead of paying per unit sold, select ‘I want Amazon to evaluate my deal and consider placing purchase orders at a reduced promotional cost when you enter your promotion details. Do not select the box if you prefer to pay per unit sold.
  • If your deal is approved by April 29, 2022, Amazon will consider your submission for Prime Day and assign a start date during Prime Day week for your deal based on its quality.
  • Starting 14 days prior to the start date of your lightning deal and up until 24 hours before the scheduled run time, we will notify you if the per-unit funding for your lightning deal does not support a low enough price to meet the deal requirements.
  • You should expect to receive purchase orders for approved deals in two phases in the middle of May, and continue to receive replenishment purchase orders throughout the end of May into June.
  • You should also expect to see out-of-stock replenishment orders after Prime Day. Please confirm those purchase orders as soon as possible with your available inventory.
  • All deal inventory should be ready to ship by end of May to reduce the risk of running out of stock (OOS) on Prime Day.
  • Remember to route early, accurately, and completely and be ready to ship by 8 a.m. on the Freight Ready Date (FRD).
  • Ship windows will be extended to at least 10 days on deal purchase orders to allow for more prep time due to the increase in order volume.
  • Any purchase orders submitted on Memorial Day, May 30, 2022, will automatically have an extended confirmation and ship window, so there is no need to submit an outage.

Note that 7-day Deals are not eligible for Prime Day or Prime Day Week and therefore you will not see 7-day Deal recommendations for Prime Day Week.  As of now, it appears that Prime Member promotions are not available during Prime Day.  Coupons may also not be available during Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Lightning Deal Details

Here is the Amazon Prime Day 2022 lightning deal guidelines – this page has complete details, including:

  • Fees information
  • How to submit lightning deals
  • Lightning deals requirements
  • Summary of key dates
  • Best practices and troubleshooting


To make sure that your brand reaps the full benefits of Prime Day 2022, reach out to HINGE GLOBAL.  The expert team of Amazon consultants can help you with planning your promotions, confirm required inventory quantities, organize backup fulfillment contingencies, manage your Amazon advertising, and optimize your product listing content.  Also leverage our free Amazon reporting dashboard, HingeAxis, to streamline your business analysis and track your performance.