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Monitor Your Third Party Sellers

Do you struggle with unauthorized sellers or have issues tracking MAP compliance on Amazon?  Our automated Third Party Seller reporting can help you identify unauthorized 3P sellers, track their contact information (where possible), and track MAP violations.

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Amazon sellers often ask:  “How do I remove a Third Party Seller from Amazon that is listing my brand/product below MSRP or is selling counterfeit product under my brand name?”   The quick answer is that unfortunately you can’t remove them, but you can take steps to protect your brand and minimize the impact of unauthorized sellers.   Step one is to have a reliable tracking of your Third Party Sellers on Amazon.  We can help!  

The Hinge Axis Third Party Seller Report is a weekly or monthly report that enables registered brand owners to keep tabs on 3P Sellers on Amazon.  You can also track compliance of your Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy.  

Third Party Seller Report

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