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The Hinge Axis Marketplace Reports are easy to access from a single dashboard. We offer Scheduled Reports, which follow a standard reporting schedule.  We also offer On Demand Reports, where you can customize your own reporting schedule (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly).  

On Demand, Custom, and Scheduled Reports

Hinge Axis delivers all of your up-to-date Amazon data straight to your fingertips with direct access to reports

Let’s face it — getting Amazon Marketplace information from Amazon Seller Central is cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to errors.

Whether you need a current listing of all of your inventory in each warehouse, or an export of all of your active listings, or a summary of all of the fees charged to your account, Hinge Axis Marketplace Reports are instantly available and stored in a Report Inbox that can be retrieved at any time. The Scheduled Report capability enables you to schedule a report to be executed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually on whatever frequency you choose – and the information is automatically delivered to your Report Inbox ready for viewing or download.

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